Spring ’20

The Spring ’20 Collection is all about color! Inspiration for these pieces are the 1980’s, florals and Diana Spencer. The hues this season are vibrant and bold. RTW has themes of lady like florals, stripes, polka dots and puffy sleeves.

Handbag Display

The Spring ’19 Collection is all about bright and bold colors. The space is uplifting and creates positive energy the moment you step into the store. Placing the merchandise at varying heights and depths will spark interest. This results in the customers willingness to walk around the store and see the new products.

Retail Store Display

In this store I created a warm and welcoming experience. This was done by color, which plays a crucial role in attracting and converting potential shoppers into buyers or customers. In addition, the mannequins and lighting entice the customer to check out the merchandise first hand. This strategy makes a retail space the most efficient. … Continue reading Retail Store Display

Mood Board

Mood boards are a compilation of inspirational elements. They have colors, textures, typography, fabric swatches, illustrations and inspirations. At the beginning of any project, I always create a mood board.  This helps the audience understand the concepts. Below you will find some examples of mood boards I designed. Color of the Year 2018 Fall 2017 … Continue reading Mood Board

Nine to Five

For the senior capstone I was asked to design my own store. I came up with the concept of Nine to Five, to have a store that meets the needs of college students transitioning into the work force. There is no other store out there that lets you be professional without loosing your individuality and … Continue reading Nine to Five

Branding Board

The foundation of a brand board includes: fonts, colors, patterns, logos and inspiration. This is a crucial step in branding any company, a brand is much more than a logo, a creative Instagram post and brand colors. It’s a vision, a purpose and visuals all combined together. Nine to Five

Grey Goose Point-Of-Purchase

For this project, I was asked to design a display only out of cardboard. The Point-Of-Purchase (POP) can be found in any retail store. The main goal of the assignment was to create and execute a design that any sales associate can put together with ease. In addition, to having an eye catching and fully … Continue reading Grey Goose Point-Of-Purchase

Museum Display

For this project, I had to pick native tribe and create a permanent & temporary display to be shown numerous museums across the country. After diligent research, I chose the Masaai Tribe. I then started sketching and designing the two displays. Once the concept was drafted, I went to AutoCAD to build the structure and SketchUp … Continue reading Museum Display

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