Museum Display

For this project, I had to pick native tribe and create a permanent & temporary display to be shown numerous museums across the country. After diligent research, I chose the Masaai Tribe. I then started sketching and designing the two displays. Once the concept was drafted, I went to AutoCAD to build the structure and SketchUp to make a 3D model.


slide 2-02

After decididing on the Masaai Tribe, I found 10-15 artifacts various artifacts for the display.  The categories range from pottery, jewelry, clothing, ceremonial items, baskets and weaponry.


For the temporary display I had to consider the best materials and design options for portability; this includes construction and deconstruction. The main display case has recessed lighting and is predominately made of museum grade glass. The type of wood used is indigenous to the area. The two cases on either end of the main display where created to where you can easily move them around. The purpose of the temporary display is be informative about the Masaai tribe and be functional.


Similarly to the temporary display the permanent display share the same materials and informational poster on the Masaai tribe. The permanent display is one piece structure featuring 2 glass shelfs on either end of the display for the artifacts. The center of the display was designed so a life size Masaai Warrior could stand in traditional clothing  holding weapons and shields. On either side of the case are carvings of the traditional Masaai symbol commonly found on the Masaai flag.

*Full Project not Shown
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