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For the senior capstone I was asked to design my own store. I came up with the concept of Nine to Five, to have a store that meets the needs of college students transitioning into the work force. There is no other store out there that lets you be professional without loosing your individuality and sense of style. Nine to Five will let the customer be youthful & fun verses frumpy & conservative. Through the creative process I designed, logos, store layout & fixture placement using AutoCAD, create numerous sales promotions & window displays for various parts of the year and custom props

Part 1: Store Background

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Stepping foot inside Nine to Five you immediately notice the colors, navy blue, off white with pops of metallic that make the space comfortable and warm. The fixtures are dark walnut with an industrial twist. The lighting is a cross between sleep and modern, making them visually interesting. The minimalistic store design appeals to the target market to come in and have a casual shopping experience. The logo is timeless and ageless that can stand the ups and downs of fashion trends or fads. Below you will see the AutoCAD floor layout and fixtures key.

Part 2: Window Display

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The window display will increase sales for Nine to Five because it does not focus on just one holiday it appeals to the masses. The design is meant to be thought provoking and get the customer curious to go inside. The flow of the snow flakes direct your eyes towards the featured merchandise. The background colors are white, grey and blues, making the garments pop! Plan-o-grams and FF&E go along with it. *Not featured sale and summer display

Part 3: Store Display

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This Halloween promotion increases the stores sales by having the display in the front of the store. The customer will see the merchandise almost immediately once they enter the store. Whether the customer turns left or right the Halloween promotions will be on either side. Lastly, the display is well over 9 feet long giving the oppor- tunity for ample space to show off the clothing. *Not shown back to school and sale in-store display

Part 4: Future Trends

Imagine going into a retail store and not having to try on any clothes… to good to be true, right? Wrong! With new technology they have created a virtual fitting room. This is extremely innovative and a total game changer for the industry. This kiosk can elimi- nate time that would normally be spent in the fitting room. With the demographic of Nine to Five being so young this is perfect. The virtual dressing room incorporates tech- nology and is able to save valuable time for the consumer. This is crucial for a college student always on the go.

*Full project not shown
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